2018 Ultra Limited Liquid Cooled 107ci

This client went all out with his bike with full customizations front to back.

  • Insane Asylum Strung Out Ass End 8″ down and 12″ back
  • Insane Asylum custom Outer Fairing, Side Panels & tank
  • Freedom 2 into 1 side dump exhaust
  • Jade 30″ Front and 16″ rear matching rims with American Suspension rake kit.
  • Harley GTS stereo with Rockford Sound Processor.
  • Inner fairing 6.5″ DB Drive speakers and custom liquid cooled lower leg fairing with 6.5″ DB drive speakers
  • Insane Asylum Strung Out Ass End bags fully ported, DB Drive 10″ subs.
  • Speed by Design saddlebag lids with 8″ Hertz speakers and ST35 Tweeters.
  • Insane Asylum 40A custom battery and bracket
  • Dirty Air Fast upfront and rear air ride.
  • MRI electric Center stand.
  • Custom-wrapped seat with Razor tour pack with quick disconnect and matching pad.
  • XK Chrome underglow lights.
  • Custom House of Kolors Brandywine paint job
  • Custom chrome floorboards, mirrors, hand controls, and engine chrome upgrades.