Make a statement and show your personality by custom painting your Harley. With our custom painting and powder coating services we can give you a look that is totally unique. All our custom jobs are done on onsite by a team of the most experienced technicians in Michigan.

Powder Coating Services:

Powder Coating is the process of covering a part of the motorcycle with a polyester or epoxy powder, which is then heated at 400 degrees to fuse into an exceptionally durable, protective layer. We have a vast selection of colors, so we are sure to have what you want.

Harley Airbrushing Service:

Looking for a specific design on your Harley? Our airbrushing services can give you a truly custom look and provide you with an image with amazing detail. We’ve done everything from skulls, $100 bill, branding for major beer companies (Blue Ribbon and Budweiser), and more!

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Skies are the limit with our custom painting services! We can also custom paint your helmet to coordinate with your bike.

Check out our Project Gallery to see more custom paint jobs we’ve done.

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